All in a Day at Londolozi

A handful of my favourite safari moments, captured during my brief stay at Lodolozi Private Game Reserve.

Morning game drive at Londolozi

We headed out from Londolozi Varty Camp just as the sun was rising. As I settled back in the game drive vehicle, I couldn’t help but smile. Who knew what this day had in store?


Hyena in the Sabi Sands

Our first sighting was a hyena with her two youngsters. Peter, our guide, told us that they were at the age where they would now leave the safety of the den area.


Dawn at Londolozi

Mom finished nursing, then took advantage of the still-cool dawn to set out in search of food. After a brief but vigorous grooming session, this little guy trotted off to join her.


Londolozi Nkoveni leopard cub

The previous afternoon a Londolozi guide had seen the Nkoveni leopard’s 7-month-old cubs. Mike, our tracker, hopped down from the vehicle to track them on foot, and it didn’t take him long to find them. This first cub seemed a bit uncertain, so we let him be.


Londolozi leopard cub

His sibling, on the other hand, was completely relaxed. And, after a cursory glance at the vehicle, settled back into the serious business of snoozing in the sunshine.


Rhino in the Sabi Sands

Our afternoon drive revealed one of my favourite sightings: a white rhino with her calf. When we pulled up mom was cautious, and we sat quietly while she assessed the situation.


White rhino calf at Londolozi

In time both mom and calf relaxed; the youngster clearly curious about this box-shaped newcomer. A couple of times he took a cautious step or two towards us, before trotting back to the protective bulk of mom.


Lions in the afternoon sunshine at Londolozi

We were on the hunt for a coalition of three young male lions. Once again, Peter had a good idea of where they’d last been seen. As he headed off-road we excitedly scanned the nearby thickets, but it was eagle-eyed Mike who spotted them first – perfectly camouflaged in the long, tawny grass.


One of a pride of five lionesses

The following morning I had just enough time to join the start of a game drive. And I’m so glad I did, as we came across a pride of five lionesses! They’d clearly just eaten, and their bellies were stretched to capacity.


Big cats in the Sabi Sands

We stayed with the pride; Peter driving up ahead and carefully positioning the vehicle so that they’d walk by us. They passed by so close that I could hear their panting and see the uncomfortable strain of all that extra weight.

Finally, they flopped down in the shade. They were done, and so was I. My brief but incredible safari at Londolozi had come to an end.

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