Christel House school says goodbye to CEO Nicky Sheradin

Supporting local community projects is important to Giltedge Africa, and one of the amazing initiatives we support is Christel House in Cape Town. Based in Ottery, Cape Town, the school takes in disadvantaged children who come from households where parents often can’t afford to pay for school fees.

Christel House was originally started by Christel DeHaan with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. The school raises funds for kids (from Grade R to Grade 12) to receive free schooling, as well as free breakfast and lunch. Health is also an important aspect at Christel House, and there are nurses and therapist on site to help the children deal with the abuse, violence, drugs and crime that they are exposed to daily.

Christel House Assembly

This month we were invited to Christel House’s special assembly to bid farewell to their CEO, Nicky Sheridan. Originally from Ireland, Nicky used to work in the corporate world (most notably, as Vice President of Oracle). Over the past three years, he’s used his business savvy and corporate connections to generate more funding and invigorate the school with true Irish flair!

Nicky’s decision to become CEO of Christel House was a surprise. He said, “After spending 30 years in the Commercial world, I decided on a very different direction for the next Chapter of my life.”

It’s now three years later and he’s decided to step back into the business world, pursuing a career in intelligent connections.

This special assembly was a heart-warming event at Christel House school, showcasing the many talents and skills the school fosters through classes and after-school clubs. Pupils from Christel House were awarded prizes for coding, robotics and poetry, as well as entering and winning at the annual Kite Festival. Between the awards, guests of Christel House were treated to traditional dancing, singing and orchestral performances.

Photos of Christel House

Have a look at the photos below to get an impression of the amazing work that Christel House does in Cape Town’s poorest communities.

Christel House
On arrival, everyone got their faces painted in African tradition.
Christel House
Each guest was met and greeted by a student who escorted them to the hall.
Christel House
Nicky Sheridan, CEO of Christel House South Africa, getting kitted out for the assembly in his honour.
Christel House
A very special opening to the assembly
Christel House
Nicky is escorted to his seat as the Christel House orchestra plays
Quite a turn out!
A musical interlude by the Christel House choir and orchestra
Christel House
Christel House enters the Kite Festival every year, and students were explaining the meaning of their kites. This little girl’s kite motto was ‘the right to fly’…
The Christel House orchestra showing off their skills!
Christel House
Another musical interlude
A beautiful song
Christel House
Some traditional dancing by the Christel House Dance Society
Nicky is presented his farewell present from Christel House
Christel House
Nicky and his daughter, clearly enjoying the show
We all got to sing the national anthem
Christel House
A cheerful end!

Christel House contacts

If you’d like to donate to the school and fund a child’s education for a year, chat to one of our consultants, or alternatively, if you’d like to visit Christel House, do chat to us.

Read more about our visit to Christel House and what the school’s all about in our last blog post.