Christel House: Transforming Lives

‘Your circumstances do not determine your future’. That is the message from Christel House South Africa, an independent school that provides top quality, holistic education to children growing up in Cape Town’s poorest neighbourhoods.

At Giltedge Africa we feel privileged to be involved with Christel House, and want to share some successes of this incredible school.

Outstanding Academic Achievements

South Africa struggles with unemployment, particularly amongst its youth, and unemployment rates run at twice the national average in the communities that Christel House serves. And it’s not just unemployment and poverty that are the problems; these neighbourhoods are plagued by other issues such as crime, substance abuse and gang violence.

And yet Christel House has achieved a 100% Matric pass rate for seven years running. In the 2015 Matric exam, 85% of graduates achieved a Bachelor’s pass, with 22 students earning distinctions. What’s more 96% of former students are either working (gainfully employed) or in tertiary qualification. A fantastic achievement!

Holistic Education

At Christel House it is not just about academics. The school provides a holistic education that includes character development and employability. Teachers here go out of their way to identify and light each student’s passion, whether that be painting, music or sport.

Many of the students don’t have enough to each at home, so they all get two meals and a snack every day; along with transport to and from school, learning materials and uniforms. They also have access to doctors and therapists, and their parents are encouraged to get involved with the school.

Christel House at Giltedge Africa

Part of the Christel House programme is to introduce their students to as many professions as they can. Giltedge recently hosted a group of Grade 12 students as part of a careers day. The students were introduced to the different aspects of the Giltedge Group: safaris, incentive travel and golf travel.

It was a fantastic day with a wonderful group of engaged, enthusiastic students. In fact, we’ve just employed one of the matriculants, Manicia Theron, for a reception role at Sure International in our Century City office. Manicia would like to get some experience in the travel industry before studying, and we wish her the greatest success.

How You can Get Involved

There are many ways that you too can get involved with this inspiring school: change a life by sponsoring a learner, or donate books or other learning materials. And if you’re coming to Cape Town, tell your consultant that you’d like to share your expertise with the students at Christel House. It’s sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of your holiday.