Tours in Skeleton Coast

The shipwrecks found along this hazardous coastline and whale bones resulted in this region of Namibia’s coastline being named the Skeleton Coast. A striking and unforgettable landscape of stark contrasts, this region is the base for legendary holiday experiences. The region is home to a great variety of animal species like the shy desert-adapted elephant lion and cheetah. Besides these impressive predators, the large armor-plated lizards of the area are an impressive sight! A sensory experience, the Skeleton Coast is a fantastic destination for adventurers, photographers and those looking for unusual destinations, and interesting activities combined with luxury accommodation.

Secluded Luxury in Northern Namibia

Beyond the tourist hotspots, you will find these remote luxury lodges in northern Namibia. Explore the untamed desert of Damaraland, landscapes of contrast of the Skeleton Coast, and Himba tribe in the Kunene region. This 9-day safari in Namibia is dreamy and romantic.

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