South Africa for Christmas – A Poem

We always love hearing back from our clients after their travels. But when the whole review is written in rhyming couplets, well, that’s too good not to share …

The red-eye flight was not much fun
And sleep it would not come
But once we got to Jo’burg
We no longer felt so glum

But wait! Some bags were missing!
Weren’t loaded on the flight
With another plane to catch
How were they going to make it right?

’Twas all misinformation
Some time later they were there
The next leg of our trip began
With us back up in the air

Our driver waited with a smile
We soon were on our way
Next stop was Kariega
Where for three nights we would stay

Game drive at Kariega Game Reserve

We met our ranger, Carrie-Ann
She took us to our ‘home’
Arranged a time for our first drive
To watch the creatures roam

The leopard was elusive
But we saw the other four
The night drive was spectacular
We couldn’t ask for more

On Christmas Day we packed our bags
And went to get our ‘bus’
Would all our bags fit in the back?
No problem and no fuss

Our next stop it was Wilderness
Our hamper did await
Whilst not exactly Harrods
We all found it adequate

Elephant, lion and black rhino at Kariega

Next day a detour was required
The doctor was close by
Some bites and flu were treated
And no-one was going to die!

The beach and waves were stunning
Though the water was quite cold
Some of our team went in
Just one was not so bold

De Zeekoe was a peaceful place
With ostrich steaks sublime
We had to rise at half past four
Would we all be in time?

Alas no! Only four of us
Were up in time to go
Meerkats appeared at sunrise
Such an entertaining show

Wilderness beach and the meerkats at De Zeekoe

Next up the town of Robertson
The Small Hotel was magic
Oasis of tranquility
To leave so soon was tragic!

To Stellenbosch we wound our way
The scenery was great
’Twas time to get our glad rags on
And start to celebrate

There was a slight delay
With a diamond down the drain!
The maintenance man was called
And we soon had it back again

Leopards Landing was our target
But to get there was quite tough
A very well-kept secret
The kids thought it was a bluff!

When Nils and Marie appeared
Mouths were wide open all around
Then great champagne and nibbles
Were atop the mountain found

Secret picnic site at Leopards Landing

On next to Overture
Romantic setting with a view
Great food and wine but what was this?
A power cut half-way through!

Despite the inconvenience
Staff did bravely soldier on
Our tasting menu was complete
Although the light was gone

Wine tasting was quite special
With a masterclass from Ann
Of Rust En Vrede wines it seems
One could become a fan

And so at last to Cape Town
Robben Island our first sight
A sobering experience
To learn about their plight

Then back to Rust En Vrede
For a very special meal
We brought in 2018
It was really quite ideal

Cape Point Nature Reserve

We drove down to Cape Point
Where there were very lengthy queues
But we all thought it was worth it
When we saw the super views

We wanted the Test Kitchen
But the booking was a no
So we looked for an alternative
Gave La Mouette a go

The setting was informal
But it was all very good
With our waiter well informed
On which wines would match the food

Paragliding beckoned
Landing outside our hotel
Six went up and six came down
They thought it rather swell

Winchester Mansions and a hike up Lion's Head

The Codfather was busy
But the fish was very good
When we get home I think we’ll all
Be eating much less food!

And so to our last day
An early climb of Lion’s Head
The view was quite spectacular
Worth getting out of bed

Water was in short supply
And bath plugs were unseen
But there is no need to fret
Because we all stayed very clean!

And now it is all over
But one word before I go
South Africa for Christmas
Is the perfect place to go!

– Happy South Africa Travellers

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